Chiropractic Care

Our mission is to work in partnership with our patients to develop an individualized health plan that is focused on prevention including proactive strategies to help them achieve and maintain optimal health.

The spine is the body’s foundation and when it is out of alignment, the central nervous system cannot effectively send and receive messages through the body. Through our services, we can identify the root of any pain, injury or discomfort and create a treatment plan to help you live a healthier, more active life.

Open 6 Days a Week and With Extended Hours During Weekdays

Chiropractic Services

  • Back and Neck Pain

    • Spinal Manipulation
    • Spinal Manual Traction
    • Spinal Mobilization
  • Spinal Decompression

    • Kennedy Decompression Technique
    • Disc Compression Syndromes
    • Non-Traumatic Treatment
  • Sports Injury

    • Disc Injuries
    • Neck Injuries
    • Pinched Nerves
  • Onsite Digital X-Ray

    • High-Quality Imaging
    • Digital Imaging
    • Professional Interpretation
  • Auto/Work Injury Care

    • Neck Pain
    • Upper/Mid/Lower Back Pain
    • Whiplash
  • Physical Rehab

    • Manual Therapy
    • Therapeutic Modalities
    • Treatment For Disc Injuries
  • Personal Injury Care

    • Manual Therapy
    • Soft Tissue Rehab
    • Home Care